Gamepack is a provider of superior art.
Art quality is our brand truth forming everything we do! Fueled with a passion to bring art to another level, more than 120 creative minds change this industry step by step.

We focus on talent and team, value every associate, doing our best to let them create and release their love for art.

Gamepack is a reliable partner to game developers, publishers, and media companies.
Being an art provider for dozens of companies all over the world, we have proved our reputation as an art expert and lifelong business partner.

Promo Art

Is your game awesome? Let’s show it and sell it!


Every single piece of game art should be a masterpiece.

Game Logo

They will love and remember it.

Concept Art

Soul of the project! Idea, style, and game logic.

UI/UX Design

Interface logic development wrapped in high-quality art.


Your ideas deserve a magic world - top environments and locations.

Character Design

Development of the unique character with its own inner world.

2D Animation

Promo teasers, VFX, UI, and characters, we will move it the way you see it.

Icons Design

Tiny but so important, they will shine like a diamond!

3D modeling

Time to make it realistic! We will help.

3D Animation

Environment, machinery, animals, or humans, we know how to bring them to life.

Game Trailers

How about a wow-effect? We're gonna make them count hours till release!


Reinventing online casino!

Wait a second, so these are casino SLOTS?

Enter the Slots



Such a privilege to help you bring your ideas to life!
Hope your name is on the list.

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