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Crowd King: Stickman Defense

Crowd King is one of the most exciting clash games of all times! You start the battle alone but trust us: there are no chances for you to feel lonely.

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Bomber Clash

Win exciting battles destroying enemy castles! Throw bombs on enemy troops. Destroy boxes to improve your own troops.

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Wheel Racer

It's time for exciting racing! Compete with other players to prove that you are the best! Skillfully choose how best to pass the road, ride the wheel or run on your feet.

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Street wars

Throw objects in enemies , avoid enemy in a real dynamic world! Challenge your dexterity
in a great game.

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Craft Race

Ready for high-speed races? Collect the coolest parts, upgrade your car and come to the start! Start as good as you can to get the perfect acceleration and jump as far as possible and earn big money!

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Bento Organizing

Are you ready to pack the perfect Bento box? In this simulation game you should arrange your bento box using all the ingredients! Don’t be afraid to be creative – you can prepare everything in the way you want and create your own unique design!

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Elemental Rangers

Join the Ranger Team! Collect all kinds of superpowers and show everyone who is in charge in the city!

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Fat ninja

Slash enemies , avoid obstacles in a real ninja dynamic with only one tap control! Challenge your dexterity in a great slasher experience by breaking enemies into small pieces and growing your power to defeat the boss!

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Gang Army

Enter the Arena! Create and upgrade your troops to destroy your opponents!

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Idle Tower Defense

You're running the base which is always under attack! Defeat the attacking enemies at all cost! Get started with basic base and level it up through the game. Fight waves of enemies, clear the surroundings and upgrade your base!

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Merge Battle

Use your strategy to merge different types of units to defeat all the enemies in real time! You must merge your troops into more advanced ones quickly if you want to win! Pay attention what enemy is doing and fuse units which are most effective against him!

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My Little Workshop

Are you ready to run your factory? Manage your workers, machines and create amazing stuff! Upgrade your machines and turn your little workshop into a huge factory with conveyors!

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President Run

Get to the end of the track and try to be as popular as possible. Think carefully, if you make unpopular decisions, you will risk losing everything! Simple and intuitive game with easy to remember controls.

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Roulette Trade

Spin the wheel and win the most trendy toys! But be accurate or you'll get punished! But don't worry even punishment is going to be trendy!

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Security Guy

Find the thief, save store
in a funny world! Challenge your attentiveness
in a great game.

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Survival run

Get to the end of the track and try to collect as much healthy food as possible along the way! Simple and intuitive game with easy-to-remember controls.

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Team Cooking

You are going to face real fighting for food to cook your pizza faster than enemy team. Bring food to your kitchen, fight enemies and defend your allies to cook dish faster and win!

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Tricky Crowd

Use various traps to destroy
the crowd! Smash, slice, blow off, throw them all and win the race!

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Battle Robots

Are you a fan of robots and fighting games? Then join this mech battle of a lifetime! Unleash the potential of these robots — choose your skin, beat opponents, and unlock crazy challenges!

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Mob Smasher

Run Stickman Game can you get through by you? This funny and crazy stickman warfighter is an extreme action-packed game where supreme stickman games lovers can really enjoy the unlimited thrill of stickman war.

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