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A short guide to getting the best game development and art outsourcing services

“No, we prefer to do everything in-house” – this is one of the typical responses our sales team gets while talking to potential clients. Dealing with the workload using only internal resources might work well under certain conditions. However, thousands of successful cases in the game industry prove that outsourcing some tasks or even an entire project to a trusted external studio helps companies reach their goals faster and more efficiently. This approach is beneficial not only for big companies with several projects in development and a couple more requiring live ops support, but also for industry rising stars working on their very first game, or even businesses that simply decide to use gamification or games to promote their main product or extend their portfolio. Undoubtedly, it is crucial to know more details about the game development and art outsourcing processes to make an informed decision and get the best results.

Let us walk you through a guide to game development outsourcing processes.

1. Pick a Game Outsourcing Scope

You can start by deciding how much help you actually need. Maybe, you’d like to start with a small test task (for example, 3D character animation) and see how it goes. Or, on the contrary, you have a solid scope of regular tasks for a new external partner.

2. Search for Game Outsourcing Vendors

It won’t take long:) Usually, such companies as Gamepack have a solid presence on various platforms and social media. Additionally, it is likely that you’ve already received some offers on LinkedIn or via mail. You can also browse through LinkedIn, Artstation, Dribble, and Behance. By the way, Gamepack has great examples of quality levels on all those platforms.

3. Choose a contractor and a cooperation model

It’s ok to ask a lot of questions. We also recommend having a quick call with potential vendors to get to know more information about the services and a team. Gamepack business development and account managers are always open to any questions and will be glad to schedule a meeting engaging necessary team members.

4. Give as Much Information and Details as Possible

It might sound redundant but still, it’s true. If you want the outsourcing company to deliver the best results, you have to provide all the details before starting the project. This way, you’ll have an accurate estimation for starters. Also, work will be better planned on the contractor’s end, thus, ensuring timely delivery within your budget. Also, we highly recommend signing an MNDA beforehand.

5. Sign an agreement

Gamepack can provide you with sample documents to make the legal procedures easier. However, we are also open to signing your version of an agreement. It is crucial to conclude a document that will serve and protect both parties.

6. Let the work begin

It is totally ok to check in with the outsourcing company from time to time. Also, we encourage you to provide swift and clear feedback to avoid bottlenecks in the process.

7. Plan further work

Building long-lasting relationships with your outsourcing partner is a smart move. Building plans and distributing workload with a reliable company helps to achieve goals and save a lot of money and time for your team.

So, if you choose to hire an outsourcing game development team, you will get experienced specialists whom you can trust. You will be free of the stressful process of finding and hiring needed professionals in-house. Your team will be focused on current priorities and the bigger picture, while all art and animation production and game development processes are run by the external outsourcing partner. If you want to know more about how to outsource your game project, simply reach out to our team via form or drop us a line at [email protected]


What does it mean for a company to outsource game development or art production?

When a company decides to outsource game development, it delegates full-cycle game development or separate tasks to external vendors, such as Gamepack.

What do I need to outsource my game project?

You need to provide your outsourcing partner with as much information about the upcoming project as possible, including references and technical requirements. This will help to avoid unnecessary complications and an excessive number of iterations. Anyway, here, at Gamepack, we help our clients gather all essential details and give some recommendations to ensure that all the processes run smoothly.

Should I be worried about confidentiality and information security?

Signing a thorough MNDA will serve as a guarantee. At Gamepack, we take the aspects of security very seriously.

How much do game development outsourcing services cost?

The cost of game development outsourcing services varies significantly, depending on the scope and complexity of a project, the expected time frame for completion, desired level of executors, and even the outsourcing studio’s location.

Are game development outsourcing services cost-effective?

Many companies entrust their game development or art and animation projects to outsourcing companies based on simple math. They don’t need to find, hire, onboard and train new employees, pay high salaries and keep them happy. Another skilled team will do everything on their side and more. The client’s team will be able to avoid unnecessary scaling up and stay focused on their plans and goals.

How will I know that a game development outsourcing company is legit?

Check their social media profiles and portfolio; look through the list of clients and their testimonials; let your legal team check the legal information.

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