Unreal Engine Cinematic Artist

Gamepack is looking for an Unreal Engine Cinematic Artist! Are you ready to work with us on creating stunning projects?

Freelance, Part time
job art


  • Animating and editing 15-30 sec. turnkey video clips based on the technical task and ready-made assets;
  • Creating scenes/animation of characters/effects/interface;
  • Cooperating with the production team, including leads and project managers.


  • Strong knowledge and experience of working in the Unreal Engine Sequencer;
  • Ability to work with camera, lighting, and composition;
  • Ability to work with VFX;
  • Ability to work with ready-made skeletal animation;
  • Being a team player;
  • High level of efficiency;
  • Openness to training and feedback;
  • Attention to technical tasks and deadlines.

Will be a plus:

  • Experience with Blender/Maya or other programs for creating 3D graphics;
  • Experience with blueprints and Adobe After Effects;
  • Portfolio of videos created in Unreal Engine Sequencer.

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