2D Animator / Spine

We are looking for an experienced 2D Spine animator. Working with us, you will use your leadership skills, experience the spirit of a family atmosphere and teamwork, and bring 2D animation to the next level.

Salary, Full/Part time
job art


  • 1+ years of work experience ;
  • A portfolio including tasks completed in Spine using mesh animation (full program functionality);
  • Ability to work with references and follow a given style;
  • Knowledge of the basic animation principles;
  • Project optimization skills are a must.

Nice to have:

  • Ability to work in After Effects, Adobe Animate;
  • Intermediate English level;
  • Experience in working with effects animation and animation in game development in general, UI, icons, isometric objects animation skills.


  • Character animation for games in Spine (RPG, Gambling, Platformer, Casual);
  • Screensavers and backgrounds for games in Spine;
  • UI animation in Spine;
  • Game logos in Spine;
  • Playable promotional mini-games.


  •  Spine 2D, files export from Photoshop.

Soft skills:

  • Teamwork skills;
  • Sociability and good communication skills;
  • High level of self-organization and ability to estimate the time spent on the upcoming task;
  • Ability to meet deadlines;
  • A desire to study and develop your skills;
  • Ability to provide and receive constructive feedback.


  • Full-time is a priority (part-time can be discussed);
  • A paid test task;
  • Salary 1500-1800$ based on interview results.
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