How it's made

Need awesome visual solution? We are here to help!

Gamepack team is passionate about creative and beautiful solutions for games.
UI-UX, Characters, Environment, or animation.
No matter what we need to do, let’s be professionals and start with right things
to achieve our goal
- top quality and wow staff.

Oh, Com on, just draw me this character and say how much 100 of them will cost
+ 3 UI screens + animation! No, I don’t have specs, just tell me a quote.

This approach will not lead us to success, we insist to start with the style search, that is a crucial step for the whole game look. Lets invest time, efforts and finances now, that will save us from unwanted and much more expensive changes later.

Here is the plan we propose:

We will move step by step!
Make sure we understand the task, provide you with our vision of the style and relevant references,
get your feedback and move to sketching of concepts...

We need your help! This is a teamwork here.
Please tell us all you know about your project

  • Detailed description doc. of the game
  • Relevant references or similar games
  • Prototype
  • Wireframe
  • Technical details

We will ask lots of questions, trust us, with 15 years of experience we have something to bring to the table.
More we know about the project - better solution we create together.

PS: no worries, your info will be safe, we can also sign NDA.

We gather mood board for you!

Let us suggest “best of the web” to you.
Even if you already have your mood board, let us work on that together.

Every single step will involve your feedback and exchange of thoughts,
need this cooperation to provide you with the final art you will love.

Time for sketches! Let’s do it.

Lots of sketches will be created by the team.
These are rough concepts, no digitalization expected, let’s find the right direction first.

Your feedback is important.
This is the stage where we pick basic forms and directions.

Detailed concepts

We are getting closer.
Take a look at much more detailed sketches, additional views or close ups.

Again - your feedback is so important!
This is the stage where we finalize the form and general look of the content.
It will be complicated to change basic idea later, that will cause additional efforts.

Time to finalize concepts

Lets see how game elements will eventually look.

Again and again will ask you for feedback.
This is the stage where we confirm the final look.
So lets make sure we are 100% happy with it!

We've made it
The style if set, and we love it, let’s proceed and make the game awesome!

Now what?

Now, when the game style is chosen and we know how main game elements should look like - we can move further.
Let’s start producing all the artwork, we are ready to give you clear quotes for the whole game art, UI or animation.
(hopefully by that time you have provided us with all the details)

  • Detailed Wireframe
  • List of all game items needed
  • Animation description
  • Technical details

Things will move much faster now,
and we will be sure that the style will be kept, because we are professionals and put right things first.


What if I still don’t have all the technical details? Developers are working on that.

Let’s start with what you have! Detailed text description for the game and core mechanics, style references, simple wireframe. That will be enough to start. And while we are searching for the right stile - you will gather all the missing info.

What if we finalize the art and understand that we need to change it?

The road to perfection is taff, we are always here for you to start all over again, or make changes and adjustments.

Can we skip it, don’t have time for that sh*t?

Lets invest in the right style now, that will influence the game succes! Visual part is not a small thing nowadays.

Is it expensive, my budget is tight?

It is expansive to skip it and release average staff… Let’s discuss your budget and find reasonable solution to produce awesome game.

So how do we start? That is what we need!

Please contact us with game details mentioned above. You can find contact form at the bottom of this web page ;)

What if I have mood boards and know exactly the style I need?

Please share it with us. We will gladly take your ideas and develop them further to the final art.

How long does it take? I need to start now!

So why wasting time, please send us details, we will get back to you asap. Usually it takes us just 1-3 days to start creating awesome staff for you.

Can I trust you my game details?

Will gladly sign NDA. We are more than 15 years in that industry, we know how much information means here.

Who is going to work on that concepts?

We have great creative minds in our team. Style search is always assigned to team leaders and art/animation directors. Your game visuals are in good hands.

So what are we waiting for? Lets make our game great!

Hello, we are glad you’re here!
Need awesome art? Want to get estimates? Looking for a long lasting art partner? Looking for a job?
Feel free to send us a message!

Please share with us your name
Please share with us the name of your company
Please share with us your website, or social media page, or portfolio page
You know what to do :)
Please be specific and briefly describe your case
Please share with us the source that have led you here
Feel free to ask anything, we will gladly respond on all job propositions, give you timing and financial estimates, send you additional materials, etc. Job applications and portfolios are also welcome!